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How to replace the glass door handle

Glass doors generally use toughened glass, which is reliable in hardness, easy to clean, generous in style, transparent and light, and does not affect light exposure. Many shops now use glass doors. Therefore, while paying attention to the quality of the glass door handle, the installation of the glass door handle will directly affect its appearance.

1. The hole on the glass door handle on the all-glass door leaf is generally processed when the glass is cut. The connection part of the glass door handle should not be too tight when inserted into the hole, and should be slightly loose; if the insertion is too loose, you can wrap soft tape on the insertion part.

2. Apply a little glass glue to the part where the glass door handle is inserted into the glass before installation. When the handle is assembled, the root is close to the glass, and then tighten the fixing screws to ensure that the handle is not loose.

3. If it is not tempered glass for glass doors, use a 10mm glass drill bit to measure the hole distance of the glass door handle, mark the glass door, water it and make holes, install it from the outside and screw it into the inside. The long screws of the handle, do not leave the screws of the handle outside, so that the glass door handle can be removed from the outside.



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